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Surface Potential.      Graeme Priddle & Melissa Engler

October 2014

For makers of furniture, boxes large and small, turned work etc, surface treatment tends to be about ‘which finish?’.   But there are ever so many variations to enhance the work, to give it and you a feeling of wow even before you apply your finish.

Graeme started with a simple and excellent design exercise to get ideas happening then demonstrated using hand and power tools for incising and carving patterns and textures, as well as innovative use of pyrography, and how milk paints and acrylic paints and burning can all highlight the form and the wood, and generally make each piece distinctive.  

So many individual variations and exlorations were produced that everyone went home full of possibities for their future work  

"It was challenging and liberating to practice techniques and approaches that Graeme had to offer during his previous visit to Australia. It was an incredible opportunity to learn from someone so talented and in touch with his medium. Graeme opened up a whole new exciting dimension to my personal practice and that which I can offer my own students."

Alex McConnell

Teacher in Charge - Technology Studies/Graphics

St Andrew's Anglican College 

Peregian Springs 

Kevin is a superb woodworker well known to readers of Fine Woodworking.  He is also an excellent teacher, and was unstinting in passing on elegant techniques to explore for distinctive class in our work.  Techniques included using the router to make sophisticated inlays, dyeing, ebonising and bleaching and cutting tapered sliding dovetails.  And some interesting rope work.

Previous Workshops

From time to time I organise weekend workshops with renowned woodworkers, generally visiting from overseas. These are a rare chance to benefit by the expertise of masters in their field of woodworking.

No magazine, youtube, book or dvd can match a weekend like this.

Let me know if you'd like to go on my mail list to be advised of future workshops

Kevin Rodel

September 2014

Kevin explaining bleaching and ebonising

Silas Kopf   

March 2012

Silas has developed and refined a range of  skills that allow him to express his uniquely whimsical imaginings.   The combination of skill and playfulness made for a wonderful weekend of extending what we thought was possible.   Life was not meant to be beige and Silas lives that realisation. He shared techniques and the potential of them for our work in the way that a truly gifted practitioner and teacher can do.    Sure was fun.

                                     Silas demonstrating

                  Anne applying new skills

                 On a scroll saw, rapid version

               Using  a more traditional scroll saw

                      One exploration of Silas' teachings

                    Our first exercise

Inlaying the motif seen in Kevin's cabinet above

                         Exploring possibilities

                            Getting into it