Classes in Fine Woodwork

A teacher with almost 40 years experience and plenty of passion in a beautifully set up and spacious workshop makes for enthusiastic students who keep coming back.The classes run continuously with the only pause between sessions being for several weeks over Christmas through January.

The classes are run in my shedudio in Sumner Park in the south west of Brisbane.

The courses consist of one night a week for 7 weeks, - either Tuesday or Wednesday nights - and each class runs for 4 hours (6 pm to 10 pm).  There is a maximum of 7 students in each class.  Fine tools, including Colen Clenton squares and gauges and Japanese saws and very sharp Japanese chisels, are provided.  

The first course is structured to be a pretty rapid learning curve, but you may as well know now that you won't go home with some version of standard school project at the end of it.  This is because I believe that you're more likely to get competent/confident by having the chance to do it again when it's less than successful, rather than by fretting over mucking up a project.  ( We aim for truly gloatworthy results.)  I supply the wood for this course. 

Each week I'll introduce you to a new wood, all but one are Australian, and give guidance on the most effective ways of using various hand tools to establish good habits for successful woodwork. Most lessons also include a session on such topics as understanding the nature of wood, construction considerations, sharpening, gluing and designing.

People who have never touched woodworking tools before are usually doing half-blind dovetails (like on the front of classy drawers) after this 7 weeks.  Being an absolute beginner  seems to be almost an advantage in that you have no bad habits to get over, but your skills will be refined no matter what your current level of experience.

In subsequent 7 week sessions you take on projects of your own choosing. The workshop is very well equipped with power tools and machinery. You'll get instruction on safe use. And I’ll be very present to help with the designing and making - but my style of enabling teaching means the project will definitely be your own gloatworthy design.

I'm a studio woodworker because I love it and I look forward to sharing with you the joy and satisfaction I find in woodwork, as well as whatever hints and tricks I've picked up in almost 40 years as a self employed designer-maker.

The cost for the course is $735. (incl. GST)

There may be a waiting list so if you are interested please let me know and I’ll add you to it and call you as soon as a vacancy comes up.

Private tuition  ($75 / hour plus gst) is available by arrangement.   3 hours minimum booking.

I only run classes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.


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