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Most woodworkers have a sense of what a remarkably versatile woodworking tool the router is, but many wonder how they can learn how to make full and confident use of it.

It is capable of so much more than just making grooves for shelves, and moulding table edges. I have been a professional woodworker designing and making to commission for about 30 years and there haven’t been many pieces I’ve made without using the router.

               About  25 years ago constant demand started me running my one day workshops. Enthusiastic feedback and ongoing demand means they are still happening.

Here is an outline of the day

     The nature of the beast:

types and considerations for buying yours


care and maintenance



care and maintenance


                  Hand held use                    

being safe and effective

holding the workpiece

free-hand use and standard accessories

additional accessories

template work

     Hand held use extended          

making and using jigs

some basic and some more specialized jigs

     The Router Table          

how, and why, you make your own

using the router table

some applications

There is obviously a lot to fit in so the format is show-and-tell rather than hands-on.  I promise you’ll get your money’s worth.

Router workshops are run on a Saturday from 10am till 4pm. - whenever the waiting list demands and my commitments allow.

The cost is $175, which includes GST,  an excellent lunch and afternoon tea.

To find out more, or to put your name on the list to be notified when the next workshop will be run in my Brisbane shedudio


email:        richard@richardvaughan.com.au

phone:        07 3376 8520ext